How to Thoroughly Check For Ticks After a Day Outside

If the thought of pulling a creeping, crawling, bloodsucking tick off your flesh is enough of a thought to make your hair stand on end, you’re not alone. No one really likes ticks, and most of us just want them to stay out of our yards so we can enjoy the outdoors in peace.

Of course, ticks don’t listen to our demands, so we have to check for them after day out doing yard work or hiking around. Knowing how you can thoroughly check yourself, your family, and pets from ticks will be a great way you can keep the pests off of you. If you find one on you, then you might consider calling up your local tick control tampa professionals to treat your yard for the pesky creatures.

The Look-Over

Now, let’s get into how to thoroughly look yourself over for ticks. When you come inside after a long time outside, you should try to hop in the shower as soon as you can. The shower is a great place to check every inch of your body from head to toe. When you’re done checking your front over, you can use a small handheld mirror to check your back.

If you’re kids have been playing outside for an extended period of time, make sure you check them, too. Look under their arms, behind ears, and behind the knees and legs to make sure there aren’t any ticks hiding somewhere on their skin.

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If you have indoor pets that come outside with you, you should make sure you check them over, as well. Check behind your pet’s ears and on their bellies for any ticks hiding in their fur. If you don’t find any, you’re good to go! To avoid having to deal with ticks in the future, planning a time to have your yard treated for them would be a great way to drive them off for awhile.