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How To Master The Skeet

For many people the art of hunting is where they feel the most confident in their shooting skills.  Walking out into the woods, tracking an animal and then knowing you hit the target by the drop of the kill.  However, there are others that don’t want to hunt for sport, they would rather shoot for the sport.  This is where trap shooting marshall mn comes into the picture.  For those looking to get into this sport here are some tips and tricks that you can follow.

trap shooting marshall mn

Keep both eyes open

Unlike hunting where you will close one eye, focus your sight on a target and pull the trigger, with skeet shooting you don’t want to do this.  You want to keep both eyes on the target and the end of the barrel.  From there you will locate the location of the skeet release point, follow it through the air and shoot.

Holding the shotgun

It is very important that you develop good style when it comes to holding and shooting the shotgun.  For the more experienced shooters they will hold the shotgun in what is known as the ready position.  This is where the stock of the gun is touching their waist and the swing is started when they call the bird. 

For those starting out, the phrase “pull” is used when releasing the target.  The way beginners do it, and the way you should learn not to do it, is to have the shotgun in the pocket of your shoulder instead of tracking the target with the gun. 

The proper hold is where the butt of the stock is placed firmly against the pocket of your shoulder.  This should be located between the arm and collarbone.  From there the shooter should have their shooting elbow up so that it is parallel to the ground.  This will ensure that you are getting a good fit.  Make sure that the entire butt of the stock is on your shoulder.  You don’t want to just have a portion of it there.