Amateur Boards Require Outsourced Golf Club Management

Surely by now no self-respecting board member needs reminding of just how expensive and cumbersome it can be to run a local amateur golf club. It is never as simple as having a single clubhouse with just one or two playing pitches before it. Eighteen holes is long enough, but for the smaller amateur club tending to the daily upkeep of a mere nine holes can be a heavy drain on resources.

Which is perhaps why members should think quite seriously about contracting in professional golf facility management yardley pa work at their next annual board meeting. In fact, why delay this important initiative. Why not start talking about it after the latest round of golf whilst taking in a few refreshments in the shelter of the clubhouse. That is to say that those nine holes as well as the club’s bar area is still functioning.

golf facility management yardley pa

When it comes to running a golf club or venue, there is more than meets the eye. That much is mentioned in this short article. The nine holes. The clubhouse. But more than just a few tables and chairs and a refrigerator behind the bar counter. Much, much more than the green grass between each of the nine holes. That is to say that the grass is still green. Because of course, it still takes gallons of water to replenish such lush paddocks.

To add further to the horticultural challenge, there is always the latest round of challenges as they relate to global warming and climate change. There is still the matter of labor costs. In this environment, labor needs to be a full-time enterprise. Anything less will simply render the golfing experience high and dry. Then there is the matter of getting members to pay their dues on time. And so the list goes onÂ…